Real Property Management and Maintenance - Dishonest,unreliable real estate business in Eureka CA


This is such a small business, not even on yelp or BBB.Before we rent a place from them, I checked everywhere for reviews but couldn't find any, so I assumed that they were a good reliable business.But only after we rented an apartment from them, we heard from other renters in the same apartment complex that this company has a reputation of keeping a sum of deposit money when people move out.

So one year later before we moved to a bigger house, we cleaned the apartment spotlessl,even changed some parts that we thought had usual wear and tear just to avoid them keeping our deposit. After inspection, they told us all looked great but 2 days later when they gave us the check it was $400 short.

Since then the manager Ken avoided us every time when we went to confront him.

I don't know how these people could live their life in the same town where they rip off honest working people that they might run into in the supermarket, or church,or the same school when picking up kids,but I guess that's the difference, they don't care.So stay away from them if you need to rent a place in eureka,ca ,there are plenty of others around,I wish I have found a review before I rented from them, now I hope this review could save you some headache.Thanks for reading,happy house hunting!



They are taking over at the place I used to live and they are trying the same BS.

They told the owner they were hiring a professional crew. Instead they hired some guy named Mark and his girlfriend who have been squatting in the apartment, brought a dog who soiled the carpet, have had fights that woke up the upstairs tenant with yelling and door slamming. They have made a mess in the yard, when the upstairs tenant asked them to clean it up, Mark yelled at her, and threatened her.


Hi 6fd640,

You have right to know why they kept $400. They are required to give you reasonable itemized bill for the items that total $400. Go and ask for the itemized bill.


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